Friday, February 15, 2008

My precious fur babies!

My precious fur babies!
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Here are my wo dogs. I love them to pieces.
JoJo - 6.5 yrs old - our family adopted her from Shepherd Rescue when she was 15 months old - what a doll she is
Shepherd/hound mix Great dog.

Nikki - is 7 months old - adopted from Adirondack Save-A-Stray - rescued puppies from high kill shelters.
She was 8 weeks old and almost died - she was one of 12 pups who never got any food - she is a great dog. Just spayed two days ago so she is calm right now :)
She is black lab / pit mix - The rescue folks told me no way she was pit - but look at those eyes! I say she is - but she is a sweetie pie. No aggression at all. Very obedient. Still working on her laziness to go pee outside! Arrggggghhhhhhhh!

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