Thursday, August 26, 2010

Back From Vacation...

Just posting a note that our family is back from Cape Cod.
We left last week Monday for Boston for the day , took a ride on the Duck Tour - such fun!  Learned a lot about the history of MA - in that area.  Then left for Cape Cod , first off to offer Bible Studies to those in that area - then a few days vacationing - on the beach - gorgeous - white sand beaches - I wish we could have stayed another day - .  Came home on Friday , did laundry for two days - !
Then Monday night I was struck instantly with head pain - all on my forehead and top of my head , it wouldn't go away no matter what I did , I have never experienced pain like this before!  The pain was so unbearable I finally went in to the Dr - 8:30 am didn't leave till 1pm - they did blood work testing for Lyme - they did CScan make sure nothing was happening in my brain - (Clear)  :)  - finally concluded that the migraines I get 3 times a year on the right side of my head (hormonal Migraines) - are changing and for the worse - Great I thought!  So finally after years of asking for meds for the migraine they finally prescribed me some - I took one went to bed and woke up feeling Fantastic!
Haven't done much needlework at all!  But will post some photos of progress I made on my X-St soon -
I was able to knit up a few wash cloths for my daughter - came out quite nice - and trying to finish up a second sock I started for my daughter long ago.
Other news is that I go back to work at the college - starting on Tuesday so my free time is limited - lots and lots - my one day off is Monday - so you may see my postings on Mondays -
Have a Super Day

Friday, August 6, 2010

Rose Hill Plantation Update and More...

Oh what a great week this has been, I have been able to work on my LHN Rose Hill quite a bit since last Friday - in between here and there - and received both packages in the mail in the giveaways that I won.  What a special treat these gifts were :)

First off I am going to share my LHN update:

So here is the update from last Friday 7/31 to Monday 8/2.  I was able to finish most of the house , but ran out of the Crescent Colour "Dandelion Stem" - now mind you, if I didn't have to rip out the whole two smaller sections of the house on the right - I would have had enough thread to finish the left - but it was so worth it to have the stitches counted right and have my whole piece line up properly.  This will be a gift to my daughter and I want it done right :)

The photo above shows what I have done since Wednesday 8/4 and Thursday 8/5 - in between doing laundry, cleaning house and working on a five minute presentation I have on a Bible topic - Which I spent all morning yesterday working on and now need to refine it and type it up.
I am so happy with this cross stitch piece - it has been fun and easy to work up - the whole bottom is done except for the wording as I want to add a different name to it - but I will finish it all up and add the name later - then frame it!
I have yet to buy the Crescent Colour that I need as the owner of the cross stitch shop went into the hospital to have surgery and she is only open Wed - Sat - and I just didn't have the time to run over there on Wed - she had her surgery yesterday.   Most likely I will go into the shop on Wed of next week to pick some up - hopefully she has it in stock.  When I originally purchased the thread two weeks ago she only had three on the rack.  Hmmmmm!   A half finished house is no fun!

Ok so now onto the goodies I received in two giveaways:
First I received a package from Bette :

As you can see she sent awesome magazines of the Cross Stitcher which I have never had myself and some Shepherd Bush designs - a few were of Christmas themes - which I do not participate in but can use ideas of the sheep and things on the Shepherd Bush stocking - Love Sheep!  I do , I do , I do!
And those scissors - aren't they awesome!  Never treated myself to a cute pair before!
Here is another photo:
A closer look at the scissors - not the greatest photo - but hopefully you get the idea!

Now for the second drawing I won from MyFirstBambina

What fantastic threads and cross stitch and embroidery stash to be had here :)  I was delighted to open the cute Sunflower Book box (below in photo) to open up a treasure of layer after layer of fantastic fiber and fabric and projects to play with.  Linen threads. Valdani (which I have never heard of) and the light green Clover thread - what fun!
and look at those fabrics - so soft and pretty - I don't know where to start!  She too sent me an awesome pair of scissors - hmm , have I forgotten to post a photo of that???  I thought I had it in there - guess that will be for next time....
Have a great weekend!