Thursday, August 26, 2010

Back From Vacation...

Just posting a note that our family is back from Cape Cod.
We left last week Monday for Boston for the day , took a ride on the Duck Tour - such fun!  Learned a lot about the history of MA - in that area.  Then left for Cape Cod , first off to offer Bible Studies to those in that area - then a few days vacationing - on the beach - gorgeous - white sand beaches - I wish we could have stayed another day - .  Came home on Friday , did laundry for two days - !
Then Monday night I was struck instantly with head pain - all on my forehead and top of my head , it wouldn't go away no matter what I did , I have never experienced pain like this before!  The pain was so unbearable I finally went in to the Dr - 8:30 am didn't leave till 1pm - they did blood work testing for Lyme - they did CScan make sure nothing was happening in my brain - (Clear)  :)  - finally concluded that the migraines I get 3 times a year on the right side of my head (hormonal Migraines) - are changing and for the worse - Great I thought!  So finally after years of asking for meds for the migraine they finally prescribed me some - I took one went to bed and woke up feeling Fantastic!
Haven't done much needlework at all!  But will post some photos of progress I made on my X-St soon -
I was able to knit up a few wash cloths for my daughter - came out quite nice - and trying to finish up a second sock I started for my daughter long ago.
Other news is that I go back to work at the college - starting on Tuesday so my free time is limited - lots and lots - my one day off is Monday - so you may see my postings on Mondays -
Have a Super Day


Anonymous said...

I imagine how much fun you guys had on seldom
work !!! I definitely will love to try it !!!
The beach is my fav. place for vacationing... ahhh the island girl in me !
So sorry to hear about your terrible migraine, I can empathize with you. Good to know that you are feeling Fantastic now and that there is nothing serious causing it. I sure hope it doesn't come back !
Looking forward to seeing your wip's progress.
Enjoy your days at work and look forward to your Monday's updates.

Vanessa said...

Thanks! Monday will be taking boys for physicals before school starts and picking up school supplies - last minute errands, cleaning out car - preparing for first day back at college. Not much needlework - having withdrawal symptoms :)
I have been researching info on how to make my own soap - picked up books from library. Have done melt and pour in the past, but really want to make my own soap in large batches for daily use - will see how that goes.