Friday, September 3, 2010

I know it is not Monday....

Hello.  I realize I was supposed to post on Monday - yup..somehow the week got away from me and it is now Friday.  I do have a reason, really I do!  I started back to work with a new schedule - so it takes me a week or two to get used to the new routine.  During the summer work slows down and I am basically not working - so no schedule , no routine - not really - so I have been feeling very tired...
So now I decided to take a few pictures with my new Verizon Incredible phone and see if it would be easier to post pictures from my phone rather than my camera.  For some reason when I use my camera, I have to save it to a disk first, then upload pictures from the disk to here - too many steps , I think.
So without further ado:  here we go:

Before we headed down to the Cape, we took a day and went to Boston, my favorite shop there is Windsor Buttons - so many neat crafty things there - but I go for their yarn - cool hand dyed yarns , cool awesome top of the line yarns , wool, sock yarn - you name it.  So hubby purchased this for me

This is Dream in Color SMOOSHY - yum - this is the first time I have ever owned a skein of this yarn and it is heavenly - I knew exactly what sock pattern I was going to use and they are for me!!! Yeah.  This is 4 oz, 450 yards of goodness -  color is Shiny Moss.  I just love green - so organic - natural.

Here it is all wound up:

I cannot even begin to tell you the gorgeous colors that flow through this yarn - I was not sure how it would knit up but it is very soft and squooshy - (is that even a word)

I am using a free pattern from Ravelry  If you haven't joined - go ahead, so much to explore - it is free!  Free!
Oh yeah, I got carried away - it is a free pattern - Spring Forward socks from Knitty 2008 -  another awesome site for knitters, lot of tips too!

This pattern starts off with about 10 rounds of K1 tbl (through the back loop) , P1, then starts the pattern repeat - lacy and quite easy pattern to memorize - I got through one  - 24 row repeat and am now on the second repeat - I am using size 1 - 2.25 dpn (double pointed needles) - I tried to use 4 and knit with the fifth but this is way to fiddly for me - I prefer to knit using 3 needles and knit with the fourth one.  I move along much quicker and less frustration with me having to push the extra needle out of my way - these are shorter length needles than the standard 7" size you can buy.

There you go:  Cross stitch update on Monday and a new adventure for me :  soap making!
stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

I hope you get use to your new schedule soon ! :-)
The yarn is beautiful ! Your hubby was so sweet to get it for you... Have fun knitting your new pair of socks and wearing them too !
Do you have this book: Knitted Bears by Claire Garland ?

Looking forward to your new adventures in soap making and to your cross stitch progress !
Oh... btw.. did you ended up finding the thread you ran out of ?

Vanessa said...

My 1st Bambina - I do not have that knitted bears book - don't think I have heard of it = I do have two books on knitting toys - purchased last year and have yet to make anything from it :( - I still have not gone to the cross stitch shop to pick up the thread - the owner has been back , but I have not had the time :( aarrrrgh