Monday, October 6, 2008

London Beanies

London Beanies
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infamous London Beanies hat. I used Vanna's Choice yarn - since these are to be gifted to my BIL - and I figure he will throw them in the wash - frequently - he works outdoors - so having to think of the care and TLC of wool would be too much for him. :)
I used dark blue (photo is lighter than actual colors) and black. Size 7 needles - I have found the gauge to be off with this yarn - seems to be thicker than natural wool would be - Very quick and easy knit. Two hats , two nights! I knit till 6.5" on both hats then decreased with a plain row between the decrease rows.

Cosmicpluto Simple Shawl 01

Simple yet effective shawl. Another view.

Cosmicpluto Simple Shawl 02

is a Very quick! Simple Yet Effective shawl by
She recently made another one in Noro - just gorgeous! Check it out.
I added some rows of crochet - to finish it off.
Used Lion Brand Jiffy yarn - 4 skeins.
Taupe color.
Gifted to a friend.

MP 3 Cosy

MP 3 Cosy
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Here is an awesome pattern for the MP3 cosy. I actually took my MP 3 player out and put my Verizon Voyager phone in it - fits perfectly. So many of my friends compliment me on this cosy. Great item.
Pattern was free on Ravelry. I used some green wool yarn in my stash and the white is handspun merino.

One Row Scarf

One Row Scarf
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is the One Row Scarf by Stephanie - Yarn Harlot! Made this with Lily Chin yarn I purchased at WEBS - in MA - I used 3 of the four skeins I purchased. Very soft! Took me a while to finish it - I used size 8 needles - and only worked on it while at Dr.'s offices or waiting in the car. Great pattern! Gifted to a friend.
Pattern is here:

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Rib & Ruffles Scarf 01

Here is another shot of the scarf. Very soft. Now I need one

Rib & Ruffles Scarf 02

This Scarf was so much fun to work on . Soft and squishy. This is the Misti Chunky Ribs and Ruffles Scarf pattern. I omitted the ruffles part. Free pattern.
I used Plymouth Encore yarn 2 skeins 0 in soft white (off white) and size 10.5 needles. I knit this till it was my height 5.5" - soaked and blocked. For my daughter.