Monday, November 1, 2010

Rhinebeck Stash...

I know you are all probably in shock.  Well, its been crazy busy at my house as I have a daughter planning a December wedding and so it goes with all the details of a bridal shower, fittings, decorations, you name it.  The shower is this Saturday and I have yet to get started on making the food.

So, I happen to have the day off and I am catching up on some necessary phone calls to make and arrangements for my car to have an oil change and whatever else it may need.  I do a lot of travelling with my job - my car needs to  be in good shape.

I finally am here to share with you some of the purchases I made at the Rhinebeck NY Sheep and Wool Festival   For the first time, hubby came with me and my two boys who are 15 and 14  , they really love it .  Hubby actually was in no rush to leave (as I was afraid he would be before I was ready) and even said on the drive home that he looks forward to it next year.  Is it possible they had a better time than I did??? No!  but I was so pleased to see everyone enjoying themselves.  It is truly a fun family event!

First purchase here

This is so pretty and so soft!  It is Peruvian Alpaca in white , I purchased 3 skeins and this is a vender who actually lives and works about 20 min from my home.  "A Touch of Twist" in Pattersonville, NY - great couple and fantastic fibery stuff to play with.  This is a 2-ply yarn sport weight.  334 yds per skein.

Next up:

Amazing merino/silk  lace yarn from Skaska Designs - this is the woman who wrote the books on Russian lace shawls - she is fantastic.  Loved chatting with her.  She has an awesome shawl coming out in Jan 2011 in the Piecework Magazine - cannot wait.  Anyway - this yarn is so pretty - in person - shading is a little off in the photo but the sheen on this yarn is amazing -  It is 18/2 lace weight and 1285 yards.


This is 4 oz of 70% Suri Alpaca / 30% merino   in a light plum color - from Flaggy Meadow Fiber Works
Soft, cannot wait to spin this up.  I am still looking to purchase a Turkish spindle - hoping to maybe use this fiber to try the Turkish spindle out with.  If not, I will be spinning it on my Russian Supported Spindle.

I also purchased some home made soaps, hand softening creams, and lots of food , naturally.  What a great day we had.

Next up I want to share with you a pair of mittens I made:

I made these mittens from some sport weight acrylic/wool yarn I had on hand and that little ball there is all I had left.  Worked out perfectly.  These are the "Susies Reading Mitts"  on Ravelry  a free pattern.  They are so cute and fun to make - I did the smallest size and they fit my adult working hands perfectly.
I actually made these for a young girl who works at my local Dunkin Donuts.  - one day she commented on another pair of fingerless gloves I had made - and she said Oh I want those gloves!!!! - so I went home and made these for her.  When I presented them to her she couldn't believe it - she was in shock that someone would even do that.  Two days later - she made me accept my coffee on her dime - she absolutely loves her mitts!  These are a light grey color - I was not sure what color she liked but figured these would go with anything.  Now I want a pair!  :)


My Casa Bella said...

They look so pretty, can't wait to see what you'll make with them. Congrats on your daughters upcoming marriage. It will be even crazier when the day gets closer...that brings back memories...whew!!


Vanessa said...

Awwww Thanks MCB - I really appreciate that :) It is now Saturday November 6th at 1:45 pm and my daughters bridal shower is at 4pm - I made two large lasagnas yesterday enough for 40 people - other ppl are making food as well. So far 90 ppl are coming. Not a traditional shower of watching them open the gifts - Jack and Jill shower and a party. We hired a DJ and rented a hall. Yeah.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful stash !!!!
I imagine all the beautiful handmades that you will create with them :-).
How nice that your family went along and enjoyed it as well ! I want to go to the upcoming winter quilt and fiber arts festival again this year so hopefully my family will feel up to it again :-).
Oh ... I wish I was the Dunkin Donuts girl... LOL...
the mittens are Lovely !!!
I hope you all had fun at the bridal shower !!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hope you guys are doing well and that everything went great at the wedding!!! Hugs!!!