Monday, May 16, 2011

So Proud....

I have been super busy the past month or so..
and this is why:

My daughter was in our local newspaper - she graduated friday 5/13/11 from Ellis School of Nursing in Schenectady, NY - her hat is being adjusted by her best friend / also her maid of honor in her wedding back in December.  I am so proud of her as she has had a tough time getting through this last rotation of nursing school - but she did it and I am so so so proud of her.
She has an interview this morning at Albany Medical Center  - Albany , NY  for the pediatric unit.  Her wish is to end up in the nicu  .
She will take her boards in July.  I am one proud mama - can you tell.

I have been knitting - really - I have - :) - I decided to take on smaller projects through all this - so I went back and found four pair of socks in all different stages of the knit process - I finished one pair and am on the toe of the second sock of the second pair - make sense?  ?  ha
I will share those with you tomorrow
Please , just share in my joy for now
Thank you so much for your patience and for listening !

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Sharon said...

Congratulations to you all!