Wednesday, May 7, 2008


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Ok, I finished this in a week. What a great , mindless project and Fast !
I used 3 and 1/3 skein of LionBrand Cottonease (my first time using this) I found that this yarn is not super soft but has a softness to it. Not as soft as other yarns that have a sheen to it but enough. My hands didn't get dried out or anything. And I do tend to have dry hands. Again, the details. I made this a medium - I did the long tail cast-on as I cannot do the loop cast on - way to wonky for me and I didn't like the photos of others who had droopy necklines and low to boot. So I did the long tail and two rows of 2 X 2 rib. continued with pattern as written. I did the 5 decreases in the waist and then just above hips I did 5 increases back to original stitches. I knit till 14" as I don't want this 40 something lady to show her belly. Then did 6 rows 2 X 2 rib.
I finished the sleeves with 4 rounds of st st. and decreased one stitch on last round to have an even number to work with for 2 X 2 rib which again was 6 rows to match bottom of sweater ribbing.
I went back to neck and added one row of sc around neck , single crocheting 3 stitches and skipping one stitch, then sc in 3 and skip 1 - to bring neck in a little and it lays very nice! I am super happy with this one! I tried it on and it fits perfect! One happy person!
BTW I haven't blocked it yet so it looks weird in some places but once it is blocked it will be Great!

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