Thursday, July 29, 2010

198 Yards of Heaven

Here is the spun / plied yarn I dyed in the 'purples' colorway - now working its way into the 198 Yards of Heaven Shawl  .  A free pattern on Ravelry

Here is the fiber plied.  I did not wash it to set the twist. I just knitted as it was.  I quite liked it.  Knitting with the lanolin still in the fiber made my hands so soft.  A new experience for me.  My daughter, who is 20 yrs old saw this fiber dyed and she loved it.  So this may end up going to her knitted up as a shawl.

Here is the shawl.  I am doing 3.5 repeats of the main section before working on the edging.  I am onto the third repeat.  The pattern calls for 2.5 repeats - but I have enough yarn and I want it to be bigger than a shoulder shawl.  I am using size 8 needles

Here is a closeup of pattern :  still hard to see but I am not a professional photographer by any means - ha
but I think once the shawl is blocked it will show up beautifully!  If I do say so myself :) 

On a second note:  I have also started a cross stitch project - yes, I have my hands into all sorts of needlework.  
This is LHN (little house needleworks) "Rose Hill Plantation"  
I am using fabric I had in my stash so instead of 28 ct fabric I am using 32 ct fabric  Belfast linen in Country Mocha - quite pretty.  So this makes the design a little smaller and the need for me to use my Mag Eyes to help me locate where the stitch needs to go :) haha - over 40 now so need the extra help for my eyes but it allows me to continue to work on linen which I just love!


As you can see I just started this.  But I will have you know that I had the door and the two windows on the right all stitched, till that is I went to put in the panes on the window there next to the door only to find out I was two rows short of the width - so I had to rip out both windows to make it right.  It took a while but it was so worth it!  I want everything to line up properly!  Now I can stitch in peace !  Well, that is if I do not make any more major errors :)  gotta love it!


Bette said...

Vanessa, I just wanted to pop in here and let you know you won the giveaway on my blog Reflections of a Desert Rat. If you'll email me your Full name and address, I'll get your package off to you.

Anonymous said...

Lovely yarn ! What a plus that it still has lots of lanolin in it ... you are surely enjoying knitting with it :-) !

Oh what a lovely cs pattern ! As you know , I'm a cs newbie but I think I already have some fav. designers with LHN and CNN being 2 of them. How good that you realized your skipped/missed soon enough :-), have fun stitching it ! I'm looking forward to become a pro and stitch on all kinds of evenweave and linen fabrics ... LOL, the thought of stitching over two seems a bit overwhelming at this time...LOL.

I'm of to do have dd's and my hair done for convention.. :-) ! Thanks so much for the last email, will reply after convention.