Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Spinning Away

I have been busy spinning the past few weeks and my most recent spin project was a pound or so of natural colored washed coopworth lamb fiber I purchased back in Jan 2008.  I know as I wrote the date on the back of their business card when I received it.  I divided it up and dyed them three different colors one shades of blue, the other shades of green and then this one - shades of purple

this fiber was so amazing to spin with , it still had lanolin in it even though it was washed and I washed it as well during the dye process.  Love this stuff.  I have most of it spun and plied in into a 2-ply dk weight / light worsted weight .

Here is the fiber on bobbins
Later I will post the pictures of it plied and the shawl I started with it.


Anonymous said...

It is lovely, you did an excellent job dyeing it and spinning it ! Have fun working with it !!!
(So happy to see your post !!!)

Vanessa said...

Thanks so much! Seeing your blog has encouraged me to update mine. Still working on it. So much easier to post photos now than before. I like the new blogger ;)