Friday, May 20, 2011

Happy Feet and then not so happy ..

As mentioned in the previous post - I finished two out of the four pairs of socks that were in different stages of knitting.
The first pair - are "Plain Vanilla Socks" - originally I used size 2.5 circular needles so that I could try making them on one circular needles and see how I liked them and how quick they were compared to dpn's (double pointed needles) which happen to be my favorite.  I don't know what it is but I love dpn's.
As I finished the socks on the circular - my gauge was off  - sock was huge - casted on 64 stitches and knitting in plain stockinette stitch - created a wide - fabric
It took me a year but I finally ripped the whole thing out as I really love the yarn.  I picked up my 2.25 dpn and casted on 64 stitches, ended up decreases down the foot to 60 stitches which was a much better fit for me.  I tend to think I have fat feet - maybe I really do not.  I do have a size 8 foot though  - but I like a snug sock.
So without further ado:

Plain Vanilla Socks - using Regia - Kaffe Fassett - design line

Here you can see the heel - I picked up two extra stitches to prevent holes and it worked - I really like how there are no holes in the side - great technique - these are pre-blocking.
I have since blocked these and they are so cushy - really love this yarn.

Next up are the socks I made with yarn I won in a give away - it was hand dyed and 100% wool - not washable and no nylon but I wanted to make the infamous "Monkey" socks - this journey started like 2 or more years ago - but I picked them up and finished them

I made sure I worked on these with attention - came out perfect - but as I did soak them in the Eucalan wash and let them air dry - I did throw these two pairs in the dryer to fluff and finish drying - Big Mistake!!! These Monkeys felted - I was so upset with myself - I usually knit socks that can be washed - with sock yarn - but I thought I would remember these would felt - guess what - I didn't remember - I was so annoyed - so now these will fit someone with a size 6 or 6.5 shoe size - ugh
I guess I will have to make more Monkeys.....
till then.
have a sweet , wonderful weekend and enjoy the time with your family and friends.  Time is so precious!
Enjoy every moment.


Lana said...

Love the colors in both these pairs! Sorry your monkey socks felted! Guess now yah gotta make more!

Vanessa said...

Thanks Lana :)

I appreciate your comment - and yes I plan to make more monkeys in washable yarn this time - ha
lesson learned.

Sandra said...

Wonderful finishes! Both are, but my favorite are the monkeys. Wish i could knit a pair some day lol

Dpns are great, I love them too. I've only finished hats and mitts with them but right now I'm working on two pairs of socks, one with #5 dpns, the other one with #3. It's a slow progress but I'm liking the results so far.

Crochet with Raymond said...

love them both!!! I found that regia seems to be a bit thicker than other sock yarns, so the result is a bigger sock, I'm knitting my secind regia pair right now a bit tighter, they are so warm, it's my fave sock yarn ever! Your colours are gorgeous, I love the reds and browns.
And the monkeys, wow, how clever are you! I haven't go tthe guts to try patterned ones YET, but your monkeys are inspiring me greatly! I'm sorry to hear they felted, what a pain! You need to buy yourself some more lovely sock yarn to make up for it!
Have a lovely week,
love Alice XXXXX

Vanessa said...

I really appreciate the tip Alice re: regia yarns. Should have known to do a gauge swatch :(